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Old 17th February 2012
Beta 2 is up! http://www.cableguys.de/volume-shaper-3.html

This fixes an issue with garbled waveforms after clicking on buttons below the waveform. Also, MIDI In octave was offset by an octave, which is fixed as well.


- Retriggering the LFO via MIDI gives a nicer feedback in the oscilloscope (you should check this out!).
- The oscilloscope can be scaled now by clicking on the magnifier button.
- There's a new button for snapping wave points to the grid now.
- A couple of small layout tweaks.

All owners of VolumeShaper 1, VolumeShaper 2 or the Cableguys Bundle can find their VolumeShaper 3 license in their user account along with a full version beta now.