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Originally Posted by Deleted 6ccb844 ➡️
Call a potato a tree, but saying that "You don't have much love for" equates a more diplomatic way of saying you think it is sub par to other things...

In fact, the one does not equate with the other. You can certainly equate them in your mind, you can project that language into the conversation as you have and you can filter the rest of my words through that distortion, but the thought is coming from you alone and it is preventing us from communicating because you are not hearing me clearly, you're dismissing my truth and insisting that I'm saying something that I very plainly am not.

I don't like lobster, in fact I actively dislike it as a food. In no way do I think it is sub par to the foods I love, nor do I think there's anything wrong with it or that the people making lobster aren't doing something right... I don't even know what those things mean. I just don't like the taste of lobster or the feel of it in my mouth. That ain't about the lobster, that's about me.

It really is that simple, even if you don't believe it. Maybe one day, when you're old and grumpy like me, you'll see it.

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