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Originally Posted by Sounds Great ➡️
I don't think Jimi Hendrix made the music he did to sell to bazillions. I think he did it for one person. He was totally immersed in what he was doing, not trying to impress anyone, it just happened.

Make the music that turns you on when you play it back. If it is good enough other people will feel it too. If it is really good you might even make a living off of it.
Well said. This is the crux of it. Its generally others that are doing this that I enjoy listening to, whether they be on the scene currently or something from the 20th century.

I can find plenty to be excited about these days in music, both on my "tone slut" and "art slut" sides. It is actually these days that the two worlds collide in such an interesting way. The computer as a creative tool has really brought sound manipulation to new levels, and this married to well crafted "fringe" music is a new frontier for exploration.

Couple this with the fact that "tone barriers" outside of the pop realm are completely broken down to the point where radically varying tonal approaches can be artistically used to enhance the mood of music freely, at will, without great judgement from critical listeners. These things among many others are something to get excited about for sure and to experiment with.