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I recently bought a MPK49 because of so many positive reactions online, but I wish I had looked a little further in to it.

If you plan on buying an MPK and you use Logic, then please reconsider. This is why:

There is a half assed solution to make it work with Logic, which essentially makes my MPK49 dependent of Logic instead of the other way around.

This means that you can use the arpeggiator only when you hit play first.
Note repeat isn't linked with the playhead position.
Tap tempo stops working.
You still need to map almost all the knobs and faders yourself

I personally think the keys are too heavy too (they're not weighted, they use heavy springs), but that's just personal preference I think. Some may say that all the others feel light and cheap

I'm gonna look at Novations Impulse 61. You get more (61 keys) for the same price and they seem to have created better software solutions (like Automap)