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So I pushed the monitors into the corners, taped a line down the center of the room, and measured from 50Hz to 315Hz in 3 inch increments. The mic pointed down that line and was 38" from the floor which was the measured height to the midway point between the woofer and tweeter.

My best result funnily enough was exactly at 38%. I averaged 86dB (+2/-3dB). The speakers roll off fast below 50Hz. At this location they're at 72dB at 40Hz and the most I got out of them at that frequency was 79dB at the very back of the room.

Today I decided to try and figure out the speaker positions by laying out a grid on the desk. In the best locations I've got a null at 160Hz and a peak at 250Hz. Those positions are also nowhere near an equilateral triangle. It's 40" from mic (listening position) to tweeter and 63" from tweeter to tweeter.

Is broadband absorption going to be able to iron this out significantly? Will I be able to pull down remaining peaks with PEQ?

My room is small: 121" wide, 140" long with 107" high ceilings.