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Cutting those side lengths shouldn't be a problem at all - although a 25 minute side is indeed a long one - but if it's dynamic music instead of constantly loud stuff then if you get your sides cut by an experienced ME using a good pitch/depth computer then they should still be able to get a satisfactory level on the masters for you.

You'll need to let the cutting engineer know whether you want them to go for maximum possible level for each side (in which case the 22min side will be about 1 to 2dBVu louder than the 25 minute side) - or if you want them to have both sides cut to the same level.

I'd also recommend making whatever are the quietest songs to be the last ones on the sides so that it is easier to cut them (i.e. the inner grooves always play back with more distortion due to tracing errors - so it's best to have quieter material at these points).

I'd suggest maybe looking into getting Direct Metal Mastering as it is very well suited towards longer sides of this type of genre and in this case I think will get you better peak levels and sound (i.e. better definition of high freq's) than lacquer mastering.

GZ in Czech, Exchange & Abbey Road in London, & Optimal in Germany can all do DMM at this point.

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