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Old 27th May 2006
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I'm wondering what's the mayor consent among AEs?
I believe that the "audience perspective" approach is mostly irrelevant, for the mayority of the Bands that Form my bases I never got to see Live!?
I believe that this kind of thinking may be derived from the clasic approach to orchestral music, following the Conductor's sonic perspective...an audience, long before recorded music.
I also believe that there's a strong value to the drummer's choices in sound placement ...in the stereo field. Someone told me in the Tape op forum that his choices were based on "pitch", not placement, but I believe, and even more in a studio, multitrack situation, that there's definitively spaces choices as well.
It also calls my attention that usually, the Piano, another percusion instrument, almost always have the bass notes tours the left!? It may be inverted (Frequency wise) with the drums, but still is the performer's perspective.
I know that you can do whatever you want, and sometimes inverting the OHs saves the day.........I do not know...What do you think?