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Details of this production

Microphone: Neumann TLM193 (cardioid)

Cabling: Monster Cable XLR

a/d: Stock 01V96 V2 in series with Sebatron VMP2000VU

pre-eq: Deep switch on filter 2 Flat swicth selected on filter 1;

pre-comp: slight dbx166 compression (ratio 3:1, threshold -8dB)

Interface: Digidesign Adat Bridge 24bit model

Daw: Pro Tools Mix Plus Cubed, Mac G4 800 QS 1GB RAM

Monitoring: Alesis MK2 PAssive

Amp: Tascam PA150

Edit, rec, mix, mastering, performing on "A.C À CApella":myself

Plugins: Compressor Banks + LA2A + Waves (De-esser + Q10 + PAZ)
Digidesign Power Dithering Level 1