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I assume you're talking about post-"I'm Your Man" L.C.

I really dig all the phases of his career. I know there are many who "only like his older stuff".

I think there are a bunch of mic/pre combinations. Of course everyone's gonna say 251/1073 type stuff.

What's your budget? Are you gonna rent or buy, or are you booking a studio based on what vocal chain you want?

I think the most important thing to me about recording this kind of vocal is to give the preamp a good amount of gas and don't compress too much. The drama in that kind of vocal performance is about leveraging a small amount of dynamic range to make it sound huge and the range can be sucked right out because it's not like recording Chris Cornell.

I recorded some stuff like that (albeit without Leonard Cohen!) into a Soundelux iFet 7/API 512c and liked the way it turned out. I think I'd prefer a non-tube chain because I wanna hear that dry, fast midrange a bit more.

See if you can try a few different things. But really keep the compression way back, at least at first.