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Originally Posted by chrisso ➡️
So therefore you can't repeat your Wikileaks, freedom of speech scare story.
Effectively, any whistleblowing site could place themselves in a European country as Wikileaks has.

C'mon. I honestly wonder why this is becoming the default comeback from the anti-SPOA side.
The two laws have zero to do with each other. Creative people looking to protect themselves from current and blatant pillaging are not necessarily the kind of people to support anti-terrorism laws.... the two issues are just worlds apart.
It seems if you support action on copyright infringement, the anti SOPA posters here try to find something more onerous to throw at you, like imagined support for the Patriot Act.
Chris, if Wikileaks is blocked in the US, it effectively does- just like a pirate site, the point of a whistleblower site is to be available to the public- unlike a pirate site.... which sort of tries to go under the radar- at least since the DCMA- and the Limewire debacle.

Again- all the act has to say is that COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS ARE THE MATERIAL TO BE PROTECTED. Read the act, it doesnt.

And how is it going to do anything different prosecutionwise than the DMCA? no one seems to want to answer that....