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Originally Posted by AwwDeOhh ➡️
This is not a free speech issue.

Can i repeat that? This is NOT a Free Speech issue.
(though, big monied interests that have profited BILLIONS of dollars off of us would like you to think so..)

Most information these days is subject to FOIA anyhow..
Freedom of Information Act (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Floyd Abrams, a renouned First Amendment Free Speech Lawyer has given his approval to the Bill.

MPAA Blog | Constitutional Expert: ‘Copyright Violations Are Not Protected by the First Amendment’
the MPAA is not what I would even for a moment consider an impartial party....

FOIA is not immediate, it is sometimes delayed by 50 or more years..... sorry, giant fail on the transparency front with that.
from your wiki page..... pure awesomeness on par with the SOPA....

2010 repeal of FOIA amendments in Wall Street reform act
The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, signed into law in July 2010, included provisions in section 929I[26][27] that shielded the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from requests under the Freedom of Information Act. The provisions were initially motivated out of concern that the FOIA would hinder SEC investigations that involved trade secrets of financial companies, including "watch lists" they gathered about other companies, trading records of investment managers, and "trading algorithms" used by investment firms.[28]

As to the monied interests-


I would guess you think the Patriot act was great idea too....