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Old 28th November 2011
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This is not a free speech issue.

Can i repeat that? This is NOT a Free Speech issue.
(though, big monied interests that have profited BILLIONS of dollars off of us would like you to think so..)

Most information these days is subject to FOIA anyhow..
Freedom of Information Act (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Floyd Abrams, a renouned First Amendment Free Speech Lawyer has given his approval to the Bill.

MPAA Blog | Constitutional Expert: ‘Copyright Violations Are Not Protected by the First Amendment’
In concluding that the bill passes constitutional muster, Abram’s responded directly to criticisms of the bill that have been raised:

“First, there is a recurring argument that the United States would be less credible in its criticism of nations that egregiously violate the civil liberties of their citizens if Congress cracks down on rogue websites. Second, there is the vaguer notion that stealing is somehow less offensive when carried out online.

FA- “I disagree. Copyright violations are not protected by the First Amendment. Entities ‘dedicated to infringing activities’ are not engaging in speech that any civilized, let alone freedom-oriented, nation protects. That these infringing activities occur on the Internet makes them not less, but more harmful. The notion that by combating such acts through legislation, the United States would compromise its role as the world leader in advancing a free and universal Internet seems to me insupportable. As a matter of both constitutional law and public policy, the United States must remain committed to defending both the right to speak and the ability to protect one’s intellectual creations. This legislation does not impair or overcome the constitutional right to engage in speech; it protects creators of speech, as Congress has since this Nation was founded, by combating its theft.”