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Originally Posted by chrisso ➡️
But as you keep pointing out it's an American law and Wikileaks is purposely based offshore.
Aren't the salaries of Bank Of America executives published anyway, especially to share holders. Seems like anything, especially examples of info already in the public domain is being thrown at this bill to stop it.
as is pirate bay-

Have you ever looked at Wikileaks? I found out that a friend of mine who was killed in Iraq was killed by friendly fire due to the State Dept leaks that they released. The US government cannot block Wiki Leaks due to political pressure, even with the release of things like the Collateral Murder video. However, if a commercial interest petitioned for Wiki leaks to be blocked due to whistleblower materials, it would skirt those same political protections Wikileaks is using now.

It will be a game of whackamole for as long as the interest in free IP is out there. The protections need to be built into the container, not the travel method if real protection for the owner is desired.

the funny thing is that no one on the side for SOPA has a shred of an idea of what enforcement would look like.....

the issue is that the bill covers ill-definied materials.