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Originally Posted by GearOnTheGo ➡️
It will help by starting with revenue returning to proper distribution channels in the USA, which is the #1 entertainment market in the world.

That's a damn good start! Restoring sanity and fairness to the domestic marketplace alone would bring a large windfall in profits which would then create more jobs at home.

And there is nothing even remotely about censorship I this bill. There just is not.

Not a bad scenario.
have you read the bill? It is very vague as to what protected property is. That is the singular biggest issue with it.

If Wikileaks were to release something like, the salaries of Bank Of America's top executive, they could be blocked on the claim that they are "pirating" IP.

If the language clearly and SIMPLY stated that the object of protection IS A COMMERCIAL PRODUCT There would be very little dissent against the act-

that is not the case however.