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Originally Posted by John Eppstein ➡️
And how would you control them? Slap their little wristies? Send them to bed without dessert?

A law without effective enforcement is no law at all.
Same way they take care of hackers... If they are international, extradite the owners of the infringing site if it is a direct host (website) or service (torrents), subpoena the file lockers for IPs/logs, log the IPs of infringing torrents and go after them... Seize all of their computers, and have a mandatory minimum sentence of one million dollars or 5 years in prison for each count if found guilty...

Last summer they were in the process of extraditing a few people from different countries who were a part of Lulzsec that attacked PayPal, and they were on a VPN too. I don't see why they can't do the same for pirates.... The internet used to be over run with hackers and people who wrote brand new viruses that were massive, since they started getting PRISON time we don't see much of that anymore (we might see a few new ones a year instead of a hundred a day in the wild) and if it does mass damage the writers are caught pretty quickly...

Microsoft, Adobe, and LinkedIn have retracted their support. I could expect that from Apple/Google, but definitely not Microsoft and Adobe which has been the most outspoken and critical about piracy. Microsoft will flat out send a rep and blackies out to your house to make sure you have a license if your IP comes up on their list... I knew someone who got caught pirating Windows and had was given the choice to pay full price on the spot or have his computers seized and a lawsuit... Had a lovely visit from some US Marshals and a MS rep.

Setting the precedent for blocking websites treads uncomfortably towards the fine line of violating the right to free speech. Extradition and/or prosecution with harsh sentences is more practical and likely more effective in the long run... This is America, not China. :P