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I know this is fairly un-high end...but if you need an EQ too & are in a budget crunch the higher-end dbx graphic EQ's are pretty serviceable.

I had Urei 809's in one of my old rooms with one of these EQ's just before the power amp.

I put some earplugs in and used & SPL meter to balance it all out...set the limiter so it would start to kick in around 108dB C-weighted but the rig wouldn't get ANY louder then 110-112dB. If someone tried to push it harder by cranking the console master they'd just hit the limiter harder.

Not the cleanest thing in the world...but its "OK."

If you can throw more bread at it right now the BSS Omnidrive is hella' cool...the limiting is WAY better and it'll have all your crossovers & time alignment stuff there and it's just cleaner overall.

You can also store presets so you can setup a "clean, no limiter" version for you & have an EQ'd & limited preset for those crankin' sessions with other engineers. I've got no idea what they go for but we had one at my old house club gig that was protecting a 12,000 watt Meyer rig. Whatever it cost was worth it!

Sabine makes a similar thing too but I haven't spent any time with it.