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Old 12th October 2011
Presonus Central Station headphone volume control

This may seem a simple question, but I'd like your opinions.

My Central Station is rack mounted. I have the Remote for it, but that doesn't have headphone volume on it. So every time I need to adjust my headphone volume, I have to get up and go to the rack which is a PITA.

My studio monitoring is a totally different set of outs, and I have two headphone mixers in the studio for the band - with lots of mix options. But for me, in the control room with no mixer I need just a straight clean stereo mix.

Here are a few options I have thought of:

1. Buy a headphone amp and take a set of balanced outs from my sound card and dedicate them to me. This bypasses the central station and uses up two outputs.
2. Buy a passive volume control and use my Central Station headphone output as an input to that control. This way, I can control my headphone volume, but I'm not sure about gain staging and if this is a good idea to get a clean mix.
3. Other ideas?