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Originally Posted by Mike P ➡️
Absolutely NOT.

To date, programmers have been able to emulate, to varying degrees, analog gear. Native programs have overtaken DSP based hardware due to Moore's Law. But emulating a tube guitar amp? No.

As a guitarist of more than 40 years, I've tried everything that's ever been made available for recording. I've tried every Line 6 version, Amplitube, Revalver, IR's, etc. and not only do those particular products NOT sound more than 75% of those amps in which they try to emulate, they don't FEEL like a solid state amp, let alone a tube amp.

There's a certain dynamic associated with EVERY tube amp, even amps of the same namesake and model. Power tubes, preamp tubes, transformers, pickups and guitars ALL make a tremendous difference in the recording and output of amps. There are so many variables that I honestly think it'll be a full century, if ever, that the subtleties of guitar amps are successfully programmed and available.

If ever.
Yes I agree that at the moment digital amp modeling isn't nearly as good as analog/tube, but in a few years it may have all those wonderful dynamics and subtle nuances that a tube amp delivers and on top of that be able to dial in the most amazing fx and sound enhancing plugins. It's really going to be a no-brainer for a lot of people once emulation isn't emulation anymore but in fact the leader in sound.