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Originally Posted by mattvdh ➡️
So do you think we will see an end to the conventional analog tube amp as the standard (live and studio) in this decade?
Absolutely NOT.

To date, programmers have been able to emulate, to varying degrees, analog gear. Native programs have overtaken DSP based hardware due to Moore's Law. But emulating a tube guitar amp? No.

As a guitarist of more than 40 years, I've tried everything that's ever been made available for recording. I've tried every Line 6 version, Amplitube, Revalver, IR's, etc. and not only do those particular products NOT sound more than 75% of those amps in which they try to emulate, they don't FEEL like a solid state amp, let alone a tube amp.

There's a certain dynamic associated with EVERY tube amp, even amps of the same namesake and model. Power tubes, preamp tubes, transformers, pickups and guitars ALL make a tremendous difference in the recording and output of amps. There are so many variables that I honestly think it'll be a full century, if ever, that the subtleties of guitar amps are successfully programmed and available.

If ever.