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Originally Posted by Alrod ➡️
I have been hearing this song since the 80's. It's getting old...

"And ultimately it would improve the general quality of music being produced as a whole"

You are forgetting to factor in playing skills. If you suck, you suck regardless what you play through.
The difference is that amp emulation is actually being used on a broad level at this point. Look at the Piano, a grand piano is clearly the better sounding instrument in a live situation, but it's not very practical to bring it around to gigs and extremely expensive to buy...in comes the electric/digital piano and now that is pretty much the standard.

That's what I'm saying, tube amps are going to be phased out or kept for a select few just like what happened with the piano.Tube amps carry the same burdens as a quality piano, they're too expensive, too large, require upkeep, subject to its acoustic environment.

If you suck, you suck, there's no arguing there, but at least people won't be able to blame it on their gear.