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in this decade? i'll say yes, by the end of it. when it won't be an argument - like using a plugin delay, mostly a toss up. some major label bands are already using the axe fx live. For live rigs the benefit is tremendous to justify the loss in tone. And if you're just doing more of a crunch tone, between that and the acoustics of most live spaces it comes down to preference and feel.

i'm not a genius techie, but my gut feeling is that as soon as we can model the tube and transformers (for real, its still a work in progress) we will completely be there, but its going to still require more processing power.

billions can be made in social media and mobile gadgets so it might be a shallower talent pool for mit geniuses in our industry - for products that musicains will invariably steal anyways. add to that apple making software a loss leader, eventually copying the technology and giving it away for free.

that's why i give it at least 5 years at a minimum for the amp to start being the exception rather than the rule, processing power wil have to catch up rather than the modeling taking some kind of leap forward.