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I have set up a seperate PC as a Softsynth server with a Maudio delta 1010 in it running Stienberg Vstack. I trigger it via midi from logic 7 on my Mac running a mix cube. I connect the digital out of the Synth PC to the digital in of the protools 1622 and and 2 pairs of analoge outs to 2 pairs of analoge ins on the 1622. When I like the sound I print it to audio for processing or whatever in Tools (Logic 7 front end). I have about 52 softsynths but only use about 6. I also have replicated some of them in Logic on the Mac with AU versions.

Arp 2600
Plugsound (anything that uses the UVI engine)
Korg collection(I got an ms 10 & wavestation and am impressed)
Mach 5 sampler (UVI engine)

Why dont you buy logic pro as a starting point and you get a ****load of synths, a drum machine, good sampler and a synth host in one hit. Then just add the softsynths u like.

PS: the Virus used motorolla dsp's the same as mix cards for tools, so the TDM tools version sounds identical to the hardware. I dont know about the indego and HD though.