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Lives for gear
Your options are limited and expensive with PT. VST for PC is definately where all the fun virtual synth stuff is going off, and a lot of it is freeware.

Grab a free copy of Reaper or Krystal, or some other PC VST host software. Then check out all the amazing free stuff. I've bought plenty of commercial stuff, and trialled demo's, but I end up prefering certain freeware instruments that will never be available for Mac or Protools. That's just the way it is.

There's a lot of free crap too. But there is some amazing stuff being done for free, not because it's inferior but because the developers simply are young or looking for work, or simply done for love and not money.

For example - I have a paid up copy of Albino, a well respected soft synth. I basically can't use it, because my ears can't tolerate the bad aliasing noises in every patch. I have some freebie Synth Edit creations, that many people would despise on principle (being ignorant for ignorance sake) - but the sound quality is far superior to the commercial one. Far superior.

I've owned and used real voltage controlled synths, and the 1980's Roland and Sequential stuff. You can't beat the real deal, tuning problems and all. But I have plugins that are close enough for rock'n'roll, and most of them are free.