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Apogee FW X-Card and the Mac...


I have read on the Firewire X-card for the Apogee converters manual that on a Mac with OSX 10.3.9 it is possible to connect only one AD16X with 16 ins and 2 outs (throught digital outs) with the Firewire driver.

Does any of you own a similar configuration with a Mac and a newer OS?

Is it possible to get a better count of channels via the Firewire cards (multiple cards/interfaces) as it looks to be the case with PCs...

My plan is to get an Apogee converter system with multiple X-card modules (Firewire, HD and the Symphony one when it comes out) in order to be able to use my converter/preamp rigs anywhere with my computers.

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Simone Coen