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Originally Posted by Dave Peck
If you are like me and have really bad karma with computers, you may want to check out the Muse Receptor DP
I received a muse sent it back same day.

The idea is good but for me there were major “holes” in the implementation.

1. There is no way to back-up the system. There are no recovery disk(s).
And if you lose the hard drive (through hardware, OR software problems)
your only choice is the have Muse send you a new preformatted hard drive.
(I received this info directly from their tech support).

2. There are too many plug-ins that the unit does not really support.
One example: Arturia Brass. First they supported it and then
later they did not. (It uses an “ilok” type device made by another company for
Arturia). Muse does NOT support this key. And this type key is used on more than
just one software package.
This information is from Muse and was found on the receptor support forum.

3. Depending on the quality of converters you are use to the Muse converters
may not be to your liking. (There is ADAT out).

I really needed this unit to work.