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Do you mean a hardware Virtual Analog like the Nord stuff? Or Soft Synths that run on your computer?

I'm only confused because you mentioned the Nord and your computer/controller.

For hardware poly synths I really like Roland Juno's (60 is better, but 106 has midi) and the JX-8P so long as it has the PG-800 controller. These can be found for around $300. I actually paid $100 for my Juno 60 and $300 for my JX-8P with PG-800. Plus they're real analog filters and amps, only the oscillator is digital.

As for soft synths, use your JP8000 as a controller and download a bunch of free demos onto your Dell until you find something you like. Arturia has a CS-80 clone you could check out.

For Mellotron there are some great samples out there. Mellotrons didn't have too much expression so they're perfect for samplers. Just straight samples off a Mellotron end up sounding like the real deal. I use Pyramid Sounds MelloKurz on my Kurzweil K2600, but I'm sure there are plenty of others to choose from.

Good Luck.