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Getting started with virtual synths?

So, as I cry myself to sleep knowing that I'll probably never be able to afford a real Mellotron or Yamaha CS-80, which are two of my favorites keyboards ever, I was thinking that I could at least tide myself over for now with some virtual instruments.

I have a new Minimoog Voyager and Roland JP8000, which is quite digital, but capable of some cool sounds nonetheless... the Moog pretty much has me covered for leads (say some it's not as good as old Mini's, but I love it), but I really want some polyphonic synth action.

I was wondering what I need to get started with some virtual synths... just a controller (who makes a really good one?) and a comp (computer not compressorheh )? I'm running an older version of PT's that these synths wouldn't work on probably, but I also have a kickass, very powerful Dell in my studio that has an RME soundcard in it... I bet they would run great on that.

I'm a total newbie with this stuff... are there any other good ones besides the ones I've mentioned already? On another note, how's that Nord stuff, like the Lead 3? I've heard some really good things from them, including the pads and chordal stuff that I'm looking for, but if I'm going to spend that kind of money, I'd rather hold out for the real deal analog machines. Thanks. Later.