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Old 24th September 2011
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This is a helpful thread, I'm re-awakening it to address two factors with choosing controllers.

First, as was mentioned briefly, many controllers have issues between black and white note velocity sensing. This has to do with the mechanics and geometry of the shorter keys vs the longer keys. It is easier to get a higher velocity striking closer to the pivot point of the key. I don't know how manufacturers compensate for this (if at all?) The usually put stiffer springs on the black notes, some might also compensate in firmware between the transmitted velocities of black vs. white notes. In any case, it's a good thing to test when test-driving a controller.

Another thing is that MANY controllers don't produce all 127 velocity steps (0-velocity is reserved for note-off, so it's not 128). Even controllers that boast about "quality" "expressive" "precision" keys are just saying that. It's meaningless.

Though I suspect that the VAX77 marketing hype about their velocity sensing is probably for real. The Doepfer also boasts "...the velocity resolution is 127 steps" so that rig probably does what it says.

I've tested several keyboards and was quite surprised to find out that they only produced 40-50 out of the 127. Unfortunately, I haven't tested the keyboards mentioned in this thread.