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Old 6th May 2006
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Senheiser e609 on TOMS?!

Just like to get some other ppls opinion on this idea.
I bought a Senheiser e609 awhile back to use on guitar cabs mostly in the studio but came into quiet a suprising situation at my last live venue. This was a fairly small club and I really didn't think I would need to run individual condensers on each of the 4 toms and snare. I figured the snare and the high toms would cut through plenty with the club as small as it was and all the bleed I was getting of the 3 front vocal mics, so I cheated , I grabbed the e609 and stuck it directly between the 2 low toms with the mic aimed at the attack point on the drums. All I can say is wow, It was crisp and clear with more bass than you could use! No compression was needed, with alil eq'ing it had a nice natural cut-off and feel into the mix very well. Maybe im an idot or has anybody else tried this out and would it be totally stupid to give these a shot in the studio??