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Originally Posted by ev33 ➡️
I think the most important thing for keeping that upfront quality when adding artificial reverb is blending in the reverb before compression. This is how I think about it. If the reverb is being sent to the compressor with the drum sound that is being sent to it, lets say 10db of reduction on the significant hits, then what is really happening is that the reverb is being turned down 10db when ever the drum hits and then swelling back up to the audible volume in between the hits. Whenever you have multiple things sent to a compressor what ever the loudest element is will essentially be ducking all of the quieter elements in the blend. With drums and artificial reverb it makes it so the hits stay dry and you only hear the reverb tails in between the hits.

Great advise, thanks! I tend to throw reverbs in after I compress things, so I will be shifting my workflow for the next couple of sessions and see if that works for me, it makes perfect sense!

While we're on the subject, do you have any suggestions on setting up reverb busses? Aside from using specific reverbs on something like a snare track, I usually don't put effects or reverb on single track, I set up a bus or track and send everything to one effect or reverb (I've found it helps tie things together). When/if you do this, do you tend to compress the buss at all, or anything else unique?