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Originally Posted by LinusWendel ➡️
Here's some info about the bass and synths from another tread regarding "Tokyo"

Here's some info regarding the approach when dealing with multiple producers on a record.

Eric, I'd still like to know what you used for the solo in "1996" that comes in around 3.08.

Cheers for the best Q&A ever!

i had to check my notes on that one. This was another situation where I reamp'd it a few times a couldn't remember which one ultimately got used. Again simpler was better! The part was played an a Silvertone Jupiter guitar. i originally had him going through an AC30 with front and back mics on it. It just wasn't energetic sounding enough. When I set up for the final mix I tried reamping it one more time. I ended up putting it through my Soldano SLO100 through a 4x12 cab and a 57 on it. That is definitely a tried and true combination but I always seem to hesitate using it as a first choice because I have used it a lot in the past. There is a slight mid range most on the DI in pro tools before it gets sent to the amp. i am pretty sure I compressed it with an original EMI zener style compressor.