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Originally Posted by johndykstra ➡️
It appears to be the same sequence as the original posted in this thread. The negative of the sequence is inverted and placed below. Next to that vertical pair is the whole thing spun 180. Lather rinse repeat.

It looks absolutely stunning by the way. I'm elbow deep in a number of these panels myself. Seeing them in your room gives me hope.
Thanks for the cred!

The former junk room turned out better than what I had hoped for. Size of the hard shell is 786x420x220 cm with 20 cm (8") concrete walls, ceiling and floor. A night mare without treatment and a heaven for 80-90 Hz resonances. Hidden in the room there is roughly 1,5 m³ (53 ft³) of 705 glass fibre and about 10 m² (108 ft²) of high density rubber membrane absorbers (soft layer absorbent, as Floyd calls it in his recent book), to tame the bass. There are also 6 subs used for the same purpose. Bass response feels very smooth along a 2 m-width and roughly 0,6 m depth at center in the room.

The hole pattern is like the patent. The grid size has been slighly changed to suit European standard module of 600 (595) mm instead of American 24". Optimal sequence for positive / negative templates for minimal loobing with 2x4 templates integrated into one, could not be followed but I did what could be done.

I made a quick translation to English of the spread sheet, in case anybody can have use for it.

Edit: saw a few words I forgot to translate ie "33-längden" = 33 square row, "ytterarea, m²" = total sheet size, m²
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