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Originally Posted by Philip Eno ➡️
Has anybody experimented with building a bookshelf in the general shape of a diffuser?

I'm a composer and keyboardist and I'm quite ignorant about acoustics. I need to treat my rehearsal room and at the same time, I need a space for some books. I was wondering if it were possible to design a bookshelf that will make it as good as a diffuser.
Only diffusers can't help your room. If you can assign books in shape of amplitude grating diffuser, like some binary diffuser construction, this can allow air circulation to your LF treatment behind your book shelf. And this will work well...
Originally Posted by localhost127 ➡️
free 30-day trial.
Features - AFMG Reflex

measure your bookshelf. width of books (well depth), and the position you have them in. model into AMFG Reflex and render.
It's a shame that AFMG Reflex can't do amplitude grating type of diffusers, or well can't be changed to be absorptive... AFAIK.

Philip, with some air circulation between books, for thick LF absorption behind, you can pack some pretty serious acoustical treatment with this book shelf.
Only drawback is that each book will have its unique place...