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Originally Posted by Philip Eno ➡️
Has anybody experimented with building a bookshelf in the general shape of a diffuser?

I'm a composer and keyboardist and I'm quite ignorant about acoustics. I need to treat my rehearsal room and at the same time, I need a space for some books. I was wondering if it were possible to design a bookshelf that will make it as good as a diffuser.
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Features - AFMG Reflex

measure your bookshelf. width of books (well depth), and the position you have them in. model into AMFG Reflex and render.

this puts all 'guesswork' to rest for those wanting to use bookshelves as diffusers.

it would also help to read the QRD Tech Guide to gain a better understanding of how the well width, period width, well depth, angle of incidence, etc --- all impact the working freq-range of the diffuser.

QRD diffusers: Technical Overview

you'll likely discover why QRDs work so well and why many people do not use bookshelves as diffusers - and instead design proper QRD/PRDs to their own custom design specs.