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That's great news.

I bought one S/hand and had awful trouble getting it to stay connected (time out issues).
Had the Texas firewire cards etc but still issues.
Most of it was after i had loaded up the new drivers (and new GUi).
To be honest there was so much "pain" going on with it i kinda forgot if it was ever working or not.
Had about 10 emails with focusrite (who were quick to respond and very helpful). Did all sorts.Latency changes.... man!! i learned so much about my system. But no joy. They mentioned the Nvidia chipset in my M/board being a likely candidate

AMD Dual core 64
Asus Mboard with Nvidia chipset.

Eventually i unplugged it and put it away.... i was gutted.
But then i decided to change my M/board. Did this but still had issues.

So i searched and searched for the old drivers (for some reason the CD i had with it would never load them again ???)
I found a Focusrite beta driver page and loaded up the last one prior to the GUI change.

OMG!!! it worked.
Not sure if it was a combination of new chipset and new driver but it works.

I love it.
The Old classic Neve Eq's are great.
What i do find tho is everything is quite subtle. If i do even small changes on my stock eq's you hear change. With , most of what's loaded into, the LM it's a much subtle and less agressive change. (you would say more musical?)
Is that the quality of the original unit coming through.
My experience with hardware is Nil so it's all a new experience to me.

Anyway good to hear some of us have persevered and are enjoying the unit.