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The metric halo compressor plots clearly show that the release time shown on the interface of 5ms is not accurate, otherwise you would get harmonics generated by the sin wave input. I've downloaded the demo and confirmed this, they force a hold time that you cannot bypass (as far as I can see) of at least 30 mS. Also the 0mS attack time is actually 1mS. I've attached a test signal for you to confirm this all yourselves, and also a screen shot with 5 mS grid of the actual shape of compression for the following settings: Attack = 0mS (1mS), Release = 5mS (30 mS hold, 5 mS release), Ratio 10, compression peak -10 dB, mode Fast.

So in summary (this has already been stated many many times on this thread) if no harmonics are generated then no audio rate compression is happening, it's more of slow volume automation you get, just like drawing in an automation curve in your DAW. (edit: a hold time of 30 mS means you get nothing happening on frequencies >= 33 Hz, which is pretty much all audible frequencies, and if a full wave rectifier is used, which most compressors do use, then that frequency halves to >= 17 Hz)
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