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Originally Posted by Brian Cares ➡️
May i carefully suggest to add "Loudspeaker Placement" to the Sticky?
It is in there.

Originally Posted by Brian Cares ➡️
If you think, you are pretty much there, go and get the RPG Room Optimizer.

RPG Diffusor Systems

Make yourself familiar with the tool and start optimizing again.
Use the frequency based calculation and use the max number of solutions. With todays computing power you get the results in an afternoon.

If your room sounds good already, then start adding treatment!
If you plan to set up your speakers in a bomb shelter and without any treatment, then knock yourself out with "Room Optimizer"!

If however, you have a normal room and plan to treat some (high probability since you’re reading this thread); forget any simulations unless you find one that can handle boundary conditions with complex impedance (and add to this that you actually need to know the complex impedance behavior of each boundary!).

Oh, by the way; I have both “Room Optimizer” and ”Room Sizer” from RPG … heh

To avoid clutter in this thread, I’m replying to the below post here:

What I’m saying is that as soon as the walls are not extremely rigid and/or openings or treatment exists, any model will fail unless the model can handle complex impedance boundary conditions, but who would be able to source the data needed for each boundary unless an empty bomb shelter?