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Old 31st May 2011
Here for the gear
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I own a Lawo 32 channel summing with MS. Steel need to do a proper MS test, but the rest is as follows:
- resolution and stereo image: first thing I've noticed was that mix is "glued together". I have a feeling of working with a tape, like the nasty transients are smoother, thus allowing for a warmer mix. It has a certain "velvety" feel to it. I also have the feeling that haufe transformers generate additional harmonics, that make the impression of excellent equal frequency distribution all over the spectrum. Mix is not dull or over exited, just plain great analog sounding.
Stereo image is unbelivable. A huge step up from MiB (mix in a box). Bass frequencies are well balanced (from bottom mid all over to sub)

-headroom: it is obvious that there is more than enough headroom. I also have to discover how does the input overload sound like. So far I've been driving the signal through my RME DS converters, where I've selected the HIGH output (+10dbu) and still haven't been able to produce distortion (although, the higher input level might generate additional harmonics??). Output level rotary works great-no problem adjusting level to-tape.