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Originally Posted by SP100 ➡️
But what would i actually lose without diffusion? For example if i only put 10cm trap absorption on the back wall. Would i actually feel a difference in this case without diffusing?
First you need to decide on a design philosophy. I would recommend the LEDE since it’s been around for some time (1978) and is still one of the most common used today (although many think it’s dead and that “RFZ” or “Ambechoic” is the new ideal, but RFZ is just a geometric suctions to reach the LEDE criteria and Ambechoic needs a big room and a big budget to accomplish. Once you’ve made your decision, you need to either:

Read up on principle and execute.

Hire someone how knows how to do it right.

or you simply ignore all knowledge accumulated during half a century in the field of control room acoustics and instead follow skewed rules of thumb given by people on forums that might guide you in the complete opposite direction to where you want to be but you just don’t know it yet.