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Originally Posted by Gdupproductions ➡️
Diffusion is used to scatter frequencys so the last thing you want those to have is at relfection points (sidewalls) i guess. What you want is Most likely abosption. Your room is pretty big, so i'd place some small diffusers on the backwall. 10cm - 4 inch Traps on relfection points 6 inch traps in the corners , if you can afford it, big superchunks. And clouds aren't realy necesary, cuz i guess you have a high ceiling.
Why only "small diffusers"?

Careful with porous only absorbers (if not on early reflection points):

"Clouds" (broadband absorbers) are needed on any surface that is to close and thus reflects energy back to the sweet spot within the ISD-gap. A 3 meter ceiling is not high enough to do without either absorption or alternatively, angled panels to redirect the energy away from the sweet spot. More on this topic: