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Diffusers VS Absorbers

Hello once again. I'm totally confused right now. As i'm going to treat my control room i still don't understand what's the difference between absorbers and diffusers. I mean i understand what they do.. But when do i need absorb the sound, and when do i need diffuser? Can't i just treat my room with traps (5cm and 10cm for bass) without any diffusion? Or do i need the diffusion over my head on the ceiling and on my back wall? If yes, then why do i need them? My room is about 3,5m x 7m. and 3m high.

That would be really awesome if somebody could finaly explain me this Cuz i'm totally lost Again, i'm not treating my room to be it like the world's famous studio.. That would be enough for me to have just a great sound to work