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Acoustics/Treatment Reference Guide - LOOK HERE!

If you're looking for the quickest way to get started, I suggest checking out 1c, 2b, and 2a. These briefly and simply cover the basics (and have lots of pictures ).

This is a reference guide for basic acoustics and room treatment. Whether you're just getting started or want some touching up, this should be a good place to start. It's a big group effort and we're in the process of trying to make it easier to understand/use. Feel free to join the conversation here - - And please post comments and suggestions about this reference in that thread! I'll document changes in the "Last edited" box, so you can know what's changed since you last checked.

Don't be bewildered by the amount of information here. It will take time to absorb it all, but this reference was made with the intent of making it easier to find what you want to absorb. Take it in steps and you'll learn a ton.


1) General Info
a) Soundproofing vs Treatment - What's the difference between soundproofing and acoustic treatment?
b) Soundproofing Myths - 7 Silly Soundproofing Myths to Avoid
c) A bit of everything - RealTraps - Acoustic Basics
d) A lot on absorption, a good read - Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms
e) Another good primer read - GIK Acoustics presents Acoustics Primer: Some Basics on Acoustics.
f) A handful of videos on acoustics - RealTraps - Videos

2) Room Set-Up/Testing
a) An article on set-up - RealTraps - How To Set Up a Room
b) An starting place on how to orientate/place traps GIK Acoustics: Room Setup
c) Monitor set-up - Monitor Positioning. GIK Acoustics Articles and Newsletters
d) More on trap placement - RealTraps - Placing RealTraps
e) Alternative Testing Methods - RealTraps - Alternative Test Methods
f) Ethan's Mic Test - RealTraps - Measuring Microphones
g) Room EQ Wizard (REW) - REW - Room EQ Wizard Home Page
h) FuzzMeasure (FM) - FuzzMeasure Pro 3
How-Tos and Measuring Help
i) Dandan's Primer Thread -
j) Ethan's Primer - RealTraps - Room Measuring Series
k) Jens' REW How-To - How to use REW
- Personally I'd say this should be its own sticky, until then, it can be here
l) Glenn's REW Video (posted in #19 below) - Measurement Tutorial

3) Absorption Info
a) Absorption part from 1b - Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms
b) Glenn's "How Bass Traps Work" - How Bass Traps Work. GIK Acoustics Articles and Newsletters.

4) Diffusion Info
a) GIK Acoustics presents "How Diffusion Works!"
b) QRD diffusers: Technical Overview

c) RealTraps - All About Diffusion

5) Early Reflections
a) What Is SBIR?, from Glenn at GIK - "What is SBIR" Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps.
b) What Are Early Reflection Points?, from Glenn at GIK - What Are Early Reflection Points. Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps.
c) Reflection Free Zone (RFZ) - RealTraps - Creating a Reflection-Free Zone

6) How-Tos/Calculators
a) Google Sketchup, an excellent tool for creating 3D models - Google SketchUp
b) Google Sketchup Help -
c) jhbrandt's webpage, calculators for modes, QRDs, absorption, first reflection, and more - JH Brandt - Recording Studio Design/Consulting - Publications
d) QRDude QRD calculator - QRDude: Quadratic Residue Diffuser calculator
e) Online QRD calculator for people who can't use QRDude - QRD Diffuser Well Depth Calculator
f) Skyline setup - PME Records QRD Diffusor Construction
g) Skyline Calculator - Calculate a Two-Dimensional Primitive Root Diffuser
h) Sorry, I forgot where I heard about this place, it has lots though - - AcousticCalculator
i) Porous Absorber Calculator - Porous Absorber Calculator V1.58
j) Internet Porous Absorber Calculator - Porous Absorber Calculator
k) Bob Gold's Mode Calculator -
l) RealTraps Mode Calculator - RealTraps - ModeCalc
m) Unit Conversion Calculator - Digital Dutch Converter

7) Stuff on Fiberglass
a) From Ethan on density (with measurements!) - Rigid fiberglass density tests
b) Bob Gold's Absorption Coefficients, to find similar insulation products -
c) For fluffy fiberglass, a quote from Andre (avare) -

8) Suggested Reading
a) by Rod Gervais - Home Recording Studio: Build It Like the Pros
b) by F. Alton Everest - Master Handbook of Acoustics
c) by D'Antonio/Cox - Acoustic Absorbers and Diffusers: Theory, Design and Application
d) by Philip Newell - Recording Studio Design
e) by Marshall Long - Architectural Acoustics
f) by Heinrich Kuttruff - Room Acoustics
g) A FREE publishing from the BBC (also listed in Andre's compilation) - Rose's Guide to Acoustic Practice
g) A ton of FREE writings, compiled by Andre -

Lastly, following the links are posts from some of the pro guys who often answer the questions in this forum. Give em a break and read the stuff they contributed to this reference, they might just end up pointing you back here anyway.

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