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Originally Posted by 2012
i have the m-audio keystation 88es [semi-weighted]
it does the job for $200, but probably not if you're coming from a piano background.
I use this as my soft-synth trigger, but it's only weighted in the sense that the keys have chunks of plastic glued inside them to give them (wait for it) weight.

But I find that it's very synth-like in it's action; not piano-ey at all.

For piano, I bought a Fatar Studio 90 on Craig's List for cheap and haven't looked back. I don't remember exactly, but seems like it was around $200.

It has three buttons and no lights; no frills.

I was told that Fatar made or makes the keyboard mechanisms for some of the big keyboard companies, but I have absolutely no idea whether or not that's true.