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I'd look for a synth that has some issues. I've got a K2500XS that has corrupted rom blocks. $400. I can still load samples, but I mainly use it as a midi controller.

I've seen a lot of synths with electronic issues that were being sold for cheap as a midi controller. Anyway, long shot, but I see them from time to time.

Avoid M-Audio. Garbage as an 88 key controller.

Originally Posted by 2012
i have the m-audio keystation 88es [semi-weighted]
it does the job for $200, but probably not if you're coming from a piano background.

you may want to check out the CME UF8 with Weighter Hammer-Action keys
and Aftertouch for more of a piano feel. they're around $500.

i think you're going to have to spend a bit to get something that feels like a piano, but for synths & light piano work, or for people on a budget a semi-weighted controller would work fine.

it's all about what you play with it, right?

nothing feels like a piano. mmmm.