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Originally Posted by tvsky ➡️
Another provision in the law allows copyright holders to eventually apply through a court to have alleged repeat offenders' connections suspended for six months, with or without a conviction or proof

not sure how that will stand up on appeal to higher courts

also being a NZ only thing means the kiwi's will just start tunneling out of the country just like millions of chinese do already. remember its a global internet so you can make the violation take place wherever you like.
No, you can't. I don't know where that fallacy came from, probably freetard wishful thinking.

The violation takes place where the VIOLATOR is located and in this case the violator is the downloader, not the uploader. Or to be more specific, both the uploader and the downloader are violators, but the violations this law deals with are downloading and/or uploading withing NZ, regardless of where the other end of the transaction might be located.

You don't get to skate merely by connecting to an offshore server. And if you're running Bittorrent you don't get to choose where the other end is, anyway, the protocol does it for you - and since it favors faster connections it will tend to favor ones that are geographically close.