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Originally Posted by Greg_KPX ➡️
do you feel weird writing music in coffee shops?

personally, I've gotta be zoned in the studio with no distractions...
actually i haven't yet because my friends wanted to get on pro tools 9 and play around with my midi keyboard when i was in the coffee shop. a lot of times we will be in the coffee shop for 3-4 hours talking (actually i mostly listen and jump in the conversation every now and then) and i was like "i can use this time to get in my zone and make some beats". it's easy for me to zone out...

and i took it to church to try and draw out all the undercover keyboardists, pianists and producers because my church has beaucoup (a lot) guitarists and i was feeling a little jealous with everybody bringing their guitars and jamming out on their guitars after church.

but the huge bonus to having it is that i can go to my friend's apt with it, make beats on laptop while he makes beats on his macbook, mbox 2 pro, mpc500 and axiom 25 (he wants a mpk49 and mpk mini now, lol). and i'm tempted to bring along my mbox 3 pro, but that would really be to show off as pro tools 9 now doesn't require that i connect my mbox to use (and i find and buy a korean electrical power converter to use it or find the mbox retailer here and see if he can sell me just the korean version of the a/c adapter).