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Old 23rd February 2011
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Re Symetrix 501 technical question

maybe this is nothing to be concerned about...

I recently bought a second 501, this one has the toggle switch on/off and the Valley People VCA. The other one I have has the grey push button and probably the DBX VCA.

Here's my question/concern. I was curious how the 2 would compare sonically so I ran some casual tests by running a bass through them. What I noticed is that even with the comp OFF the toggle version passed a much stronger signal with the output knob at 0 than the grey push button version at 0. If you are familiar with the 501 you know it does not have a true bypass just a COMP In or Out button and the Output knob still works when Comp is Out. In order to get their gains to match better I have to lower the toggle Output by at least 6db (as read on the knob). I think there is a similar discrepancy in the Threshold knob as well.

Should I be concerned about this? I'm not sure if I can stereo link them anyway because of the different VCAs and circuits but if I could this discrepancy would make the units out of sync wouldn't it?