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Originally Posted by keastland ➡️
It appears that the DBX 163X I have is the one made in Hong Kong, so the board layout is a bit different than the schematic shows.

I ordered the 2180A for IC1 from Mouser.
- 2180AL08-U THAT Op Amps

I'm getting a couple different 1000uF capacitors from DigiKey for the C28 and C29 (ordering different units because they're different heights and I just want to make sure they fit... and WTH... they're cheap).
- Digi-Key Part Search
- Digi-Key Part Search

Here's my questions (one of them is most likely REALLY dumb):

1. I have two other capacitors that are bad/leaking. They're on C12 and C16. They only say 334J on the outside of them. Looking at the schematic, I can see that they're .33uF, but I can't find any other info on them. Entering 334J on DigiKey's search brings up a lot of options. First, are these particular caps stacked film capacitors? IF so, they range in volts from 50 all the way up to 630. Lastly, regarding these, is there one type that's better than the others (e.g. Plastic, Metallized - Stacked, Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS), Polyester, Polyester, Metallized). Is there only one type I can use? I've emailed DBX, but I'm not holding out much hope that they'll have anything for me.

2. Lastly, here's my REALLY dumb question; according to this thread, I can/should replace the dual opamp. I see two IC's that are the same which I believe are the dual input amps located in OA3 and OA4. Is that correct? Do I replace them both?

Thanks a ton... and sorry for what's probably such a dumb question.

I really need help with Question #1 above. I did find out that the voltage really isn't an issue, because no more than 20v goes through this compressor. So I have that aspect, I just don't know what kind of caps these are.