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For a number of years now I've been in the practice of doing the following when I start printing a mix :

Mix 1 Finished
Mix 2 Vocal Up (1.5 dB)
Mix 3 Vocal Down (1.5 dB)
Mix 4 Instrumental
Mix 5 Accapella

After that, I'll usually do alternate mixes (Drums/Guitars Up or Down) anyhow. I find it's best just to offer to do it. Sure, more notes and documentation, but It's worth it in the long run. How many times have you heard "It sounds great but if the solo was just a little louder .."

Clients like you for thinking ahead enough to offer them the options. It also makes it much more clear cut that they will need to pay you if they want to pull the whole mix up again and do a Revision.