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Originally Posted by Morten ➡️
My point being: these are sensible levels.
lol, ok man, well you've obviously made up your mind, so I guess there's not much more to talk about. In your opinion, you're working with sensible levels -- that's cool, if you're happy doing that, go for it. I completely disagree with you, but hey, we all have different approaches

If you don't mind, I'll quote myself here --- I'm genuinely interested to hear your response to this:

Originally Posted by NeedsMoreFuzz ➡️
In your opinion, is there a demonstrable sonic benefit, or a workflow one? IMHO, doing things the way you're doing them is only giving yourself more work. If you wanna make life pointlessly difficult for yourself, be my guest, but I am genuinely interested to know if you think there's some kind of sonic benefit to doing what you do. In my experience/opinion, I feel that by maintaining "proper" gain staging, and sensible levels throughtout, including through plugins (unless of course I'm going for an effect through a modelling plugin etc), gives me a better-sounding final product, but I'm interested to hear your reasons for thinking otherwise.